Internship Providers:

Internship providers will be given a primary log-in (as well as secondary log-ins) which allows them to do the following:

• add and remove positions they would like advertised and set automatic removal dates for expired positions.

• view and edit past and current internship postings.

• receive automatic email notifications when applications are submitted.

• and sort/search a list of applications received.

Internship postings include the title of the position, organization, location, position focus, position requirements, compensation (if any), and duration of the application period. Each provider is given a basic profile to edit/update at any time. Providers have the option to have applications submitted through the Clearinghouse system, through their online system, or simply via email or snail mail.

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Internship Seekers:

Internship seekers can search for positions using criteria such as key words, organization name, location, or focus of the internship. To begin, each person must create a username (email address) and password for login. They are then asked to provide basic contact and background information, and can upload a resume, cover letter, and up to three additional documents. This information is sent directly to the employer upon submission.

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